UIDAI: Now, change Aadhaar card photo at your will

   Good news for people who were not happy with their photograph on the Aadhaar card, as now, any Aadhaar card holder who wants to change his photograph can opt for this.

   But the applicant will have to appear personally at the UIDAI centre for this purpose.

   Disclosing this, Charanjit Singh, district coordinator of UIDAI centre, Ludhiana, said: “Any person who wants to get his photograph changed on the Aadhaar card should personally come to the UIDAI centre.

   He needs to fill a form to upgrade and pay Rs 15 as fee. The applicant will again have to pass through the biometric process. This means his retina design, finger prints etc. will be taken again and his photograph will also be clicked at the UIDAI centre.

   Afterwards all particulars will be sent to the head office in Bengaluru.”It will take 10-15 days to get the Aadhar card updated. He said: “The number of the Aadhaar card will remain same, only the photo of the applicant will change.”

   He said he had recently forwarded a few applications, wherein applicants wanted to get their photographs changed. He said: “Only a few days ago a schoolboy approached me for changing his photograph as his previous photograph did not come out well.

 We have forwarded his application after repeating the whole biometric process.”Another employee of the UIDAI centre at the Mini Secretariat said: “Earlier, there was a rush of people at UIDAI centres and the staff clicked photographs in a hurry.

   Following this, photographs of some people did not come out well, as a result they wanted to change their photo. Now, when the rush of people has decreased, we have time to click their photos again and get it updated.”