UIDAI to notify regulations under Aadhaar Act 2016

As on date, over 6 lakh Aadhaar enrolments are being done on a daily basis while over 60 lakh Aadhaar Authentication Transactions happen every day.

The Unique Identification Authority of India will shortly notify five regulations, including transaction of business and sharing of information, under the Aadhaar Act 2016. “UIDAI has approved a number of regulations under the Aadhaar Act 2016 which are in the process of being notified through the Gazette of the Government of India shortly,” UIDAI said in a statement on Monday.

These include Unique Identification Authority of India (Transaction of Business and Meetings) Regulations, 2016, Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations, 2016, Aadhaar (Authentication) Regulations, 2016, Aadhaar (Data Security) Regulations, 2016, Aadhaar (Sharing of Information) Regulations, 2016.

“Approval of the regulations is an important landmark. These regulations contain procedures to ensure that enrolment, authentication, use of Aadhaar and data and privacy protection are strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Aadhaar Act,” UIDAI Chief Executive Officer Ajay Bhushan Pandey said.