UIDAI Help services of no help to people

BENGALURU: The relative ease at which Aadhaar enrolment could be done has become a thing of past. Several issues have made it difficult for people to enrol for Aadhaar, with some complaining that they haven’t received their e-Aadhaar even a month after enrolment.

A reduction in the number of active enrolment centres, long queues in front of existing centres and ‘technical problems’ at centres has left people in a hurry for Aadhaar cards fuming.
Moreover, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) deregistering several enrolment centres in the city due to alleged fraudulent practices have increased the problems for people waiting for their Unique Identification numbers or trying to update them. Inadequate response from UIDAI helpline has also added to the woes.

Reducing no. of centres

Speaking to Express, Jagadish Kumar of Aadhaar Operators Association said a large number of enrolment centres, which were being operated by private agencies, were closed recently. “UIDAI insisted that if we were to run the centre, we can conduct only Aadhaar enrolment or updation. Since, on an average, a centre receives 20-30 such cases in a day, the payment of `20 per enrolment is not economically viable,” he said.
While UIDAI pays `56 per enrolment to the agencies, there are some agencies who have not paid the amount to the enrollers, making it difficult for them, he said. As a result, the number of enrolment centres — both government and private — has decreased from about 700 to less than 100 now, he added.
According to a staffer at a BengaluruOne centre at Vasanthanagar, there are only 63 Aadhaar enrolment centres at the 198 BangaloreOne units.

Constant complaints