Submit Aadhaar number or forget LPG subsidy

Nashik: Petroleum gas companies have started sending messages to liquefied petroleum gas consumers to submit their Aadhaar numbers with a warning that the ones who do not comply with the same stand to lose their subsidy.

“To receive subsidy in your bank a/c, kindly submit Aadhaar or submit fresh KYC form at your LPG distributor. The last date of submission is June 15, 2016,” messages sent to the LPG consumers across the city read.

A senior officer from one of the petroleum companies said, “The petroleum ministry has sent us a communication asking us to collect the Aadhaar numbers from all the people who have not submitted it till now and were receiving the subsidy in their bank accounts – under the direct benefit transfer of LPG (DBTL). Accordingly, the move for collecting the Aadhaar numbers has been stepped up.”

Those not submitting Aadhaar number will not get subsidy. It will, however, be diverted in parking funds till September 2016. Even if the Aadhaar numbers were not submitted till then, the amount would lapse.

Officials in the district supply office said that the consumers need not press the panic button given that the message clearly pointed out that they should clear their KYCs if they were not able to furnish their Aadhaar numbers.

“The consumers can simply give an undertaking to the distributor saying that he/she does not have Aadhaar number and shall be submitted the day when they get one. This will ensure that their subsidy is not stopped and continue to be deposited in their account,” the officer said.

Meanwhile, those submitting their Adhaar numbers need to submit the same at the LPG distributors as well as to the banks as well. “The process has to be completed at both ends by the consumers and hence they need to verify it as well,” an LPG company official said.

Dial *99*99# for verification: Dial *99*99# from your mobile to verify if your Adhaar number has been linked to bank. This will show the date when the number was linked to the bank account. If that has not been done despite consumer’s request, they consumer will have to approach the bank again.

Unless that is completed, the LPG will not be transferred and instead be parked in the pool till September 2016. After that date the same will also be lapsed if not claimed by the consumer.

“Subsidy will not lapse unless consumers who do not have Adhaar fail to submit their KYC and undertaking that they will link their Aadhaar number whenever they get it. Even after September 2016, they will have to give KYC again to ensure the subsidy continues”, a senior officer in the supply department said.