Ride digital finance wave with Aadhaar

Hopping cities or lost and changed phone numbers? Apart from intimating your bank and electricity supplier, there is one additional database where you would have to update changes in correspondence details.

Else you would end up in a situation like Navi Mumbai-based senior citizen P S Banerjee who had filed his returns electronically this year.

He was happy to hear that he needn’t make a trip to the post-office to physically send the e-filing acknowledgement to Bangalore.

Albeit, he couldn’t make use of the new facility of electronically verifying the returns as his date of birth mentioned in the permanent account number (PAN) was different than his date of birth mentioned in Aadhaar.

“The birthdate mentioned was erroneous and I never changed it thinking it wouldn’t matter as the year was the same,” said Banerjee not realising the importance of correcting the details.