Punjab Govt. directs all departments to get linked with online service applications

     The Punjab Government has directed all Heads of the Department to link their respective departments with the software applications devised by the Department of Electronics and Information and Technology (DeiTY), Government of India.

      The State Government has decided to be a frontline state in making Digital India campaign a success. Keeping in view this aspect, the State Government has directed all the departments to get linked with the 10 software applications so as to be able to deliver online services to the people in a transparent and rapid manner.

     The departments have been instructed to link themselves with Digital Locker, National Scholarships Portal, e-Hospital-online registration system (ORS), e-sign framework, Digitize India Platform, Digital India Portal and Digital India Mobile App, Aadhaar-Mobile App, MyGov Mobile App and Swachh Bharat Mobile App.

     The DIGITAL LOCKER system aims at minimizing the usage of physical documents and enable sharing of e-documents. It can be accessed online at www.digitalllocker.gov.in. The NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PORTAL strives for single common application form, easy time bound verification and smooth disbursement of scholarships through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

     The portal can be visited at www.scholarships.gov.in. The E-HOSPITAL has an online registration system providing services to people for registration, appointment, fee payment, diagnostic reports and availability of blood.

   The State Government has instructed Health Department to get linked all the hospitals, dispensaries and health centers of the state with this portal so that people can get health care services under single platform.

    It can reached at www.ors.gov.in. The E-SIGN FRAMEWORK is designed for applying digital using authentication of signer through Aadhaar e-KYC service.

     DIGITIZE INDIA PLATFORM aims at digitization of the Government’s files and documents useful for the citizens. It can be accessed online at www.digitizeindia.gov.in. The DIGITAL INDIA PORTAL and MOBILE APP is a portal for digital India programme which connects all stakeholders and citizens.

     The portal has a system named Digital India Monitoring System facilitating all nodal departments at the level of the centre as well as States/UT’s. The DIGITAL INDIA MOBILE APP is a mobile-based application developed to provide easy access to information on digital India programme through smart phones and other mobile services.

     The AADHAAR –MOBILE UPDATE APP is an application designed for updating the mobile number of the citizens with their Aadhaar database. This would be prove very beneficial in availing services based on Aadhaar OTP authentication.

     The spokesperson also divulged that another app MYGOV MOBILE APP is a platform through which the Government aims to encourage citizen’s participation in good governance through seeking their suggestions. Through this app, the citizens can register on MYGOV. This consists of various focus groups where people can share or express their views.

   SWACHH BHARAT MOBILE APP has also been developed in consonance with the clean India mission of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to make more and more people join hands to make India clean.

  This app would resolve the issues being faced by the citizens and Government organizations while taking cleanliness pledge and uploading of responses in Swachh Bharat campaign on MYGOV.