New Delhi seeks Supreme Court movement on Aadhaar

The Indian government has asked the Supreme Court to review an interim order restricting the use of Aadhaar biometric ID number.

In August, the court ruled that due to privacy concerns, that he biometrics backed ID number could only be used for specific welfare projects.

The central government has the support of local governments and banks, which are seeking clarification on use of the unique identification number as an identity and address proof for opening accounts.

“This order is affecting us badly,” an official of the Jharkhand government told the Economic Times. He added that the state government had planned to link Aadhaar for transfer of old age pension, scholarships and was planning to use it for monitoring the midday meal scheme also.

Jharkhand plans to file an appeal in the court to request modification of the order so that it can continue to use Aadhaar for delivery and monitoring of its welfare schemes.

“Aadhaar is used for not just availing of benefits but also for effective implication of existing schemes.

Which other means enables a government to monitor how many children actually ate their midday meal and give funds to the school accordingly?” the state official said.