Months after biometrics, Srinagarites await Aadhaar

Despite completion of biometric process several months ago, people in Srinagar are yet to receive Aadhaar cards.

Despite completion of biometric process several months ago, people in Srinagar are yet to receive Aadhaar cards.
After data collection, authorities started the biometrics- under which the finger prints, eye scan and photograph- of individuals were taken.
The process of biometrics was outsourced to Chinar Group of Companies which claims that the company has completed the process and it were the other offices who have failed to deliver the cards to individuals.
Pertinently, the central government has made it mandatory for people to have Aadhaar cards— replaced by National Population Register (NPR) Smart Cards in 2011 in J&K.
The Aadhaar card has got its importance for various issues and is becoming more relevant and important every day for an individual for various business or other activities.
According to sources, in Srinagar six lakh people were enrolled and the data was sent to authorities of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in Chandigarh, responsible for unique number and card generation for every individual.
“Among the six lakh people, only 2.90 lakh cards have been generated so far. The sad commentary on the issue is that even in these 2.90 lakh, more than half are yet to receive these cards,” said an official.
Sources said that generally, for other districts, the UIDAI authorities in Chandigarh would generate the unique number and card within 10 days. “For Srinagar, the delay has crossed more than four months.”
Musaib Farooq Bhat, Director Chinar Group of Companies, said that the delay in delivery of Aadhaar cards to individuals is because of post office officials.
“It is true that out of 6 lakh, only 2.90 cards have been generated by UIDAI. Most of these cards are yet to reach to individuals as post office officials are not quick in delivery,” he added.
He said that generating cards for rest of three lakh individuals is delayed by the UIDAI authorities in Chandigarh. “We have completed process of biometrics and forwarded the data, one copy to the Union Home Ministry and another to UIDAI authorities in Chandigarh,” he added.
The card is essential for availing subsidies. “In its absence, people will face immense hardships to get some of the essential services,” said an expert.
“The UID numbers, once in place, would reduce hassle of repeatedly proving identity by various documents to avail services like opening a bank account and obtaining passport or driving license.”
The Aadhaar can replace the need to provide supporting documentation for the standard Know Your Customer (KYC) drills, making opening of a bank account significantly simpler.