LPG consumers advised to submit Aadhaar No.

Port Blair,

It is to inform all the LPG Consumers  attached with CCS Limited that submission of  their Aadhaar No. at the Distributorship is necessary for incorporating  the same with their connection data as it will enable the continuity of subsidy  deposit to their Bank account.  The submission of Aadhaar No. will also benefit the consumers as they do not have to submit their Bank Account No.

Therefore, all the LPG Consumers  of CCS Limited are requested to submit  copy of Aadhaar Card along with  LPG Consumer No. to the LPG Showroom at Delanipur in person or by SMS to 9476033197 in the  format of {Cons. No.- Aadhaar No. – Mobile No.} on or before  10th of March, 2016.  Consumers can also submit the same at any of the nearest branch of  CCS Limited.

Further, those  LPG Consumers who are not having  the DGCC (LPG Consumer Card) are requested to  avail themselves of  the same  from the LPG Showroom  at Delanipur.