Lack of Aadhaar linking may hit ration cards

Chennai: In spite of there being 2.04 crore ration cards with 7.67 crore membership in Tamilnadu, only 4.52 crore members have linked their Aadhaar card details with their ration cards.

According to officials, the process to shift to smart cards in place of the present ration cards from next year, may be delayed due to this reason. Anticipating the introduction of smart cards, point of sales (PoS) devices have been provided at PDS shops.

Ration card-holder information, including Aadhaar card details, mobile phone number and the number of LPG cylinders, have to be updated with the PoS devices.

Till Wednesday, 2.02 crore ration cards have been registered and, of them, only 4.52 crore members have linked their Aadhaar details and 1 58 crore members have provided their mobile phone numbers.

The PDS official explained that people misunderstand that it is enough if the Aadhaar details of the head of the family alone are linked to the ration card. Actually, the system requires all the members’ information.

Every member who is mentioned in the ration card has to provide his/her Aadhaar information to the government, says the official.

The PDS Department has urged all members with ration cards to register the relevant information as soon as possible in order to help them hasten the process of issuing smart cards.

The Department has also taken steps to give advertisements in newspapers and instal banners along the roads so that people become aware of the importance of smart cards.