How do you know if your Aadhaar card is fake

The official website of Aadhaar Card has a feature that verifies whether Aadhaar Number is Genuine or Fake. follow this two-minute guide to check. 

Aadhaar is considered to be the world’s largest 12-digit identification number project that gives users a medium to connect with government schemes and businesses. With this unique identification number, the quality of level of trust increases and the potential for fraud decreases.

According to government sources, 98 percent of the youth have Aadhar card. The government has made Aadhaar mandatory to avail services like filing ITR, purchasing mobile number, etc.

Meanwhile, a major concern of privacy and fake Aadhaar number arises. Recently, A five-judge bench constituted to hear the challenge to the validity of the controversial Aadhaar Act on the touchstone of privacy.

Don’t worry, Aadhaar Card’s official website has a solution, it has a feature that verifies your Aadhaar number. If anyone has doubt or wants to be on safe side, follow this tutorial step by step to check whether Aadhaar Number is Genuine or Fake.

Visit the official Aadhaar website. Click this URL

Once you click on above-mentioned URL, Aadhaar verification page will appear. You will see a text box where you have to enter your Aadhaar number. After entering 12 digit UID number, fill the security code given in image and then click on Verify.


If your Aadhaar number is genuine, a new page will appear which will give you all the information mentioned in the Aadhaar Example: Aadhaar number 9908XXXXXXXX exists. Along with this, your age, gender and the name of the state will also be given below.