India’s national biometric identification program gathers momentum

The number of people registered for India’s national biometric identification program surpassed one billion this April.

Operated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Aadhaar Program seeks to gather and manage the names, addresses and biometric information of people in India.

NEC Corporation, which is providing the large-scale biometrics identification system that utilizes fingerprints, face images, and iris images for this national identification system, said that once a person registers for the system, he or she will receive an individual 12-digit number (ID).

Public organizations and banks will use these numbers to identify people when they apply to receive social security benefits or open bank accounts.

Through this, UIDAI said the entire nation can enjoy equal access to public and financial services.

The system can handle more than one million registrations per day by checking the registered biometric information for more than one billion people and comparing it to the biometric information of people seeking to register.

“It is important to make sure that the same ID is not issued twice in order to maintain a highly reliable national identification system,” said, Noritaka Taguma, General Manager, Transportation and City Infrastructure Division, NEC Corporation.

“NEC’s biometrics identification system helps to stop people from pretending to be others, while simplifying procedures by checking the information of people seeking to register for the Aadhaar Program with greater accuracy and efficiency,” he added.