‘Have got e-Aadhaar, But not by post yet’

I had applied for change of address in my Aadhaar card more than a year back. While I got the electronic copy of the new Aadhaar, but am yet to receive the physical card by post.
—Pooja D’Souza

E-aadhaar or electronic copy is a valid document. Aadhaar is a number which can be authenticated online. I can’t say anything about copy by post.

I lost my Aadhaar card while shifting my residence. Where can I get a duplicate one?
—Jagdish Nair

You can download your e-aadhaar by using https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ or you can visit the nearest enrolment centre and get a printout (B/W Rs 10 and colour Rs 20)

I am wheel-chair bound and most centres are inaccessible. Can you recommend an agency on the ground floor. It is also important for the eye recognition machine to be accessed while sitting.
—Shama Choudhary

Please visit resident.uidai.net.in/ grievance-center for facilitation of enrolment. Iris scanner machines are accessible while sitting.

I got an Aadhaar card with an unclear photo of mine. How can I get it replaced with a legible photo as many a time I have been questioned if the photo is really of mine.
—George KY

Please visit nearest enrolment centre for biometric updation. (Charges are Rs 25).

We are senior citizens and our finger prints are not getting recorded in the machine due to old age. What do we do?
—Kunal Singh

Even if they are unable to record finger prints, the enrolment process can be completed. Iris scan of a resident can get captured and Aadhaar will be generated successfully.

I hadn’t registered my mobile number upon enrolment. How can I do it now?
—Nabeel Ahamed