Finahub Partners With Samsung to Provide eKYC Solutions

KOCHI:Finahub, a Kochi-based technology startup in finance domain, has partnered with Samsung to provide Aadhaar eKYC-based customer onboarding solutions. Samsung tablets/mobile devices, used for enterprises, will come with preloaded Finahub’s Aadhaar eKYC-based customer onboarding solutions. Finahub is the first company from Kerala to get this rare achievement.

Finahub has acquired the status of the silver partner in the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). SEAP is an alliance programme of Samsung that supports companies in the discovery and exploration of the opportunities in enterprise mobility by taking advantage of the technological advancements and the market reach of the globally successful smartphone vendor.

Besides the support of local and global marketing and distribution activities, Samsung offers in the context of SEAP technical support and expertise to its partners in relation to solution development and market positioning. The overall objective is to develop differentiated mobile solutions that meet customers’ demands of today’s mobile market.

The app enables organisations to onboard new customers without paperwork by making use of Aadhaar eKYC services. The solution uses data from Aadhaar repository for KYC and it also enables the collection of other supporting documents in the digital format. The supporting documents can be digitally signed using the Aadhaar eSign services. This allows the organisation to onboard new customers through a paperless onboarding process, thereby reducing their turnaround time and cost for customer onboarding.

Finahub is already providing similar solution to India’s largest NBFC Muthoot Finance. “Paperless customer onboarding application reduces the turnaround time for getting new customers onboard and it makes the process easy both for the sales executive and the customer. Being a Samsung partner would allow us to reach out to more potential customers across India,” said Rajesh Sukumaran CEO of Finahub.   “With this new initiative, Finahub will be accessible to huge network of enterprises which uses Samsung tablets/mobiles for enterprise usage,” said   Ajith George, COO of Finahub.

The key features and benefits of the solution includes Aadhaar eKYC,  digital storage of supporting documents, Aadhaar-based eSigning of supporting documents, Aadhaar-based Agent Authentication etc. The solution can be integrated with organisations ERP/CBS.