Enumeration for Aadhaar numbers in State delayed

Though the house-to-house enumeration for seeding Aadhaar numbers with entries in National Population Register (NPR) should have been completed in the State by February 5, the work is delayed and hasn’t even taken off in some districts, as necessary printed material have not been supplied to field officials yet.

As per the gazette notification issued by the State government, the enumeration for collecting information of all persons residing in the jurisdiction of local registrar for updating the NPR and seeding of Aadhaar number should have been conducted in Tamil Nadu between January 18 and February 5.

When queried on the status of the exercise, a senior official of the Directorate of Census Operations said, “There was a delay in issuing books containing details of persons enrolled in the NPR. Though printing of the books was over on time, binding them took some considerable time and it had affected our work.”

About 65,000 enumerators were to carry out the enumeration of over 1.36 lakh enumeration blocks in the State. “The enumeration work has started in most of the districts and the work would soon begin in Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Coimbatore districts,” he said. Every enumerator would visit every household in two enumeration blocks allotted to him and would verify the seven details of the person in the NPR and whether the details are uniform in the NPR and in the Aadhar provided to them.