Domestic LPG consumers in Kashmir deprived of gas subsidy

“I am a government employee and despite submitting all the documents I have not received subsidy for April.

Domestic gas consumers in Kashmir complain that their LPG subsidy amount is not being forwarded to their bank account from last several months.

While the consumers blame the oil marketing companies of depriving them of their subsidy, as these OMC do not forward the details to National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). However, the OMC say that they forward the information on time and it is due to other reasons that the subsidy payment gets delayed.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which is an umbrella organization for all retail payments system in India and has been assigned the task of transferring LPG subsidy amount by the central government into bank accounts soon after a consumer purchases the cylinder at market price.

Scores of LPG consumers told Greater Kashmir that they are yet to receive subsidy for last few months. Muhammad Ayub, an LPG consumer said he has not received subsidy for April yet despite linking his Aadhar card to the cooking gas connection.

“I am a government employee and despite submitting all the documents I have not received subsidy for April. There are many other people in my locality who are yet to receive subsidy for several months,” Ayub said.

Ayesha, a housewife says her household has not been able to avail the subsidy since her husband is not in possession of an Aadhar card. Ayesha said her husband who suffers from Parkinsons disease is not in a position to get an Aadhar card. “While other family members in my house have an Aadhar card but my husband couldn’t process one since he is suffering from a disease that does not allow him to move. It is appalling how authorities are turning a blind eye to a human suffering and not releasing our subsidy. Sometimes we are told Aadhar is not needed for subsidy but then why don’t we get the payment,” Ayesha said.

According to an executive of an LPG company there are several reasons responsible for non-payment of subsidy such as a consumer’s bank accounts becoming dormant. “Some consumers have multiple LPG connections and as a result the connection gets blocked and subsidy is not transferred. Sometimes certain banks don’t have mapping with NPCI which causes a delay in payments,” the executive said.

The official says often technical glitches with NPCI server due to the piled up cases of subsidies causes a delay in payment of subsidy. “In that case the subsidy of 2-3 months is credited into the account of the subscriber together. People should not panic but wait for their subsidies to arrive in their bank accounts,” he said.

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