In digital era, Srinagarities without Aadhaar cards

Signifying messy state of affairs in preparation of Aadhaar cards, majority of people in Srinagar are yet to receive the biometric identity.
The Aaadhar card, which is mandatory for transferring direct cash subsidies to beneficiaries, is still a distant dream for people in Srinagar. While in other districts of Kashmir, the issuance of these cards has already been completed.
Sources said only few percent of populace in Srinagar has received Aaadhar cards while remaining majority are yet to have biometric cards.
While other districts of Kashmir has completed issuance of Aadhaar cards, Srinagar has been left out—  giving a tough time to the residents who have to fill Aadhaar numbers on the CAPD ration tickets. These tickets are being distributed by the Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution department for enrolling consumers under Nation Food Security Act.
“We have not received Aadhaar cards despite being enrolled a year ago,” said Javid Ahmad, a Soura resident adding that card is important for availing subsidies provided by the centre government.
Pertinently, Government of India has made it mandatory for people to have Aadhaar cards. “In absence of Aadhaar cards people will face immense hardships to get some of the essential services,” said an expert.
“The UID numbers, once in place, would reduce hassle of repeatedly proving identity by various documents to avail services like opening a bank account and obtaining passport or driving license,” experts said.
A senior official said that “Compilation of biometric data was delayed in Srinagar district because of security reasons,” he said adding that the issuance of cards is yet to be completed.
“Around 30 percent residents have been issued cards but remaining will have to wait for some time,” he added. Aadhaar project was announced with much fanfare in the state in August 2010. The then Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, was the first person to get himself enrolled for UID as the project was launched simultaneously in four districts of Jammu, Srinagar, Baramulla and Ganderbal.
Recently, the Union Oil Ministry has made it mandatory that cash subsidy on cooking gas will be transferred through Aadhaar accounts.
Oil Marketing companies have already started registered customers to DBTL scheme in Jammu and Kashmir. However, in absence of Aadhar cards, people in Srinagar are being asked to submit their bank details for time being till the biometric cards are issued to them.