Consumers sans Aadhaar allege non-delivery of LPG refills

LPG consumers in some areas of Madurai have complained that cooking gas agencies are refusing delivery of cylinders for non-possession of Aadhaar cards. Officials, however, say while consumers cannot be denied delivery of LPG cylinders, it is preferable that all LPG consumers obtain Aadhaar cards soon.

S. S. A Basha, a resident of Tahsildar Nagar, said, “Earlier, the gas agency was just pressurising us to apply for Aadhaar cards. Now, they say they will not even deliver cylinders.”

N. Sukumaran, a consumer from Melamadai, said that while demanding Aadhaar card for subsidy linkage was acceptable, it was unfair to insist on the card even for delivering cylinders. Particularly, when the Supreme Court has said that Aadhaar card should not be made mandatory, why ask for it,” he questioned.

However, manager of an Indane gas agency in Madurai said, “While ruling that Aadhaar card is not mandatory, the Supreme Court also said that the government can use it for providing LPG subsidy. Hence, LPG suppliers have asked us to insist on Aadhaar card.”

He said that his agency, like other agencies in the city, had received communication through email from Indane asking them not to deliver cylinders without Aadhaar cards.

“But we are still delivering refills if the consumers submit a letter stating that they have applied for Aadhaar card and will get it within a month,” he said.

When contacted, R. Jeeva, District Supply Officer, said that it was advisable for the public to obtain Aadhaar card. “No one can be denied LPG cylinders for not having Aadhaar card. However, the consumers should also take initiative to get Aadhaar card soon as crediting subsidies is easier with the card,” she said.

She added that Aadhaar card coverage in the district was already more than 80 per cent and applying for the card had been made easier. “Any person can certainly get the card within one month of filing application,” she said.

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  • February 13, 2016 at 6:32 am

    Every such functionary/agency should be prosecuted for commiting the contempt of Supreme Court, which clarified that the Aadhaar was not compulsory for getting anything from any one.

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