CIA did not access Aadhaar data, says UIDAI

NEW DELHI: Playing down reports that foreign intelligence agencies had allegedly accessed the Aadhaar database, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Sunday stated that Aadhaar system has stringent security features to prevent any unauthorised transmission of data.

According to UIDAI, Aadhaar biometric capture system has been “developed within our own country and it has adequate and robust security features to prevent any possibility of any such unauthorised capture and transmission of data regardless of any biometric device that may be used”.

A report by Wikileaks on August 25 had said US spy agency CIA uses technology provided by Cross Match Technologies to collect biometric data. Coincidentally, the company also provides its services to UIDAI.

Reacting to this, the UIDAI said, “Some vested interests are trying to spread misinformation that since ‘Cross Match’ is one of many devices which are being used in biometric devices by various registrars and agencies in Aadhaar ecosystem, the biometrics being captured for Aadhaar are allegedly unauthorisedly accessed by others.”

Highlighting the stringent checks and balances in UIDAI system, it said any biometric device before being used in Aadhaar system is “thoroughly tested” internally and externally extensively by Standardised Testing Quality Certification.

“In addition, there are many other rigorous security features and processes within UIDAI ensuring that no biometric data of any individual is unauthorized accessed by anyone in any manner whatsoever,” the UIDAI said.

The Aadhaar issuing body said that the biometric identifier had been issued to over 117 crore people and four crore authentication take place every day.