Chaos at Aadhaar enrolment centre

Malu Kerni

Chaos, unruliness and disorder was the scene at the Aadhaar centre opened at Jambulochan Hall as people were in a hurry to enroll for the Aadhaar card or get their mistakes rectified but due to shortage of staff and only one registration centre there was confusion and screams all around.

Huge rush of people from city and surrounding areas were waiting for their number and standing in long queues in this humid weather. Children, senior citizens are were restless and were tired as there was no waiting hall or any arrangements for them. Many people were waiting from early morning for their turn and all were restless and irritated.

“I reached here at 10:00 AM in the morning and still I am in queue. There is no sitting facility or any waiting room where we can wait for our turn. Due to only one counter and lack of manpower people are suffering. I have come here to rectify mistake in my name and for this I have to wait for 3-4 hours and who knows the officials ask for any other document and there is delay again,” said Sohail a resident Kacchi Chawani. Priya Sharma, who came with his two-year-old daughter, had to go through similar ordeal. “I am waiting for y turn from the past 2 hours. My daughter is feeling restless. There is no provision of drinking water, no fan for people standing in queues. Due to only one counter, it is very difficult to manage such huge crowd. There are only two officials engaged in the process. The concerned authorities need to open at least 2-3 counters to make the process fast and convenient for people.”

Vikas Sharma, a student said, “I have missed my tuition classes to get my Aadhaar card but here the process is very slow and time consuming. Only two officials are engaged in the whole process.

Moreover, there is no counter where one can get the required information about the whole procedure. After waiting for so long, suddenly the officials ask you to come tomorrow with the documents required. It is a mess. People especially children and senior citizen are becoming the victim of humidity and improper arrangements of the officials. The concerned authorities need to look into this and for the sake of people should open at least 2-3 counters.”