BHIM (Bharat Interface For Money) App: How To Send, Receive Money, Set PIN

UPI transaction volume – including BHIM transactions – rose more than 10 per cent in July to 11.63 million, according to the NPCI.

Do you know transaction limits applicable to payments via mobile app BHIM? BHIM or Bharat Interface for Money allows transactions up to Rs. 10,000 with a daily limit of Rs. 20,000. This was said by the NPCI or National Payments Corporation of India on microblogging site Twitter. BHIM is a mobile app that enables instant bank transactions between two bank accounts using Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Unified Payment Interface allows access to different bank accounts, supporting immediate payments through mobile round the clock. BHIM supports speedy and hassle-free transactions based on the ‘Scan and Pay’ method, added the NPCI, a Reserve Bank of India-regulated entity which has developed UPI.

UPI transaction volume – including BHIM transactions – rose more than 10 per cent in July to 11.63 million, according to the NPCI.

BHIM payments are made using the mobile number registered with the bank – this means you must use the mobile number registered at your bank. The payments support even accounts not enabled for mobile banking.

The BHIM app, which comes with features including ‘Send Money’, ‘Request Money’, Scan & Pay and transactions history, is available on Play Store – for Android smartphone users – and Apple Store – for iPhone users.

You can also use the Scan and Pay option for merchant payments.

Here are some key things to know about the BHIM app:

What you need

BHIM app requires a bank account supporting UPI payments and the mobile number linked to the bank account.


“Your bank might however levy a nominal charge as UPI or IMPS transfer fee which is not under our control. Please check with your bank for more details,” according to the NPCI.

Why use BHIM

The BHIM app supports the following types of transaction, as per the NPCI website:

Request or Send Money via Payment Address

Send Money to Aadhaar Number

Request or Send Money to Mobile number

Send Money through MMID (Mobile Money Identifier, a seven-digit unique number issued by the bank)

Send Money through IFSC code, Account No.

How to use BHIM app

To start using the BHIM app to send/receive money and use its other features, you need to register on the app to set up a four-digit passcode and a UPI-PIN or UPI Personal Identification Number. UPI-PIN is a code/password a user creates during first time registration on the BHIM app. Quoting of this code is a must to authorise all bank transactions on the BHIM app.

Send money

Go to the app by entering your ‘Passcode’. Under the ‘Transfer Money’ section, choose ‘send’ from the three options displayed.

On the app, one can send money to another BHIM user using his or her phone number.

Enter or select the receiver’s mobile number, Payment Address or Aadhaar number.

Enter the amount.

By doing so, your bank account set as default gets selected at this stage.

Enter the UPI-PIN once again and send money.

Users can also send money by scanning a QR code and pay via the ‘Scan & Pay’ option.

Request money

Select ‘Request Money’ from the main menu of the BHIM app.

Enter or select the sender’s mobile number, Payment Address or Adhaar number.

Enter the amount and proceed.

This transaction will remain pending until the payment is received. You will be notified when the money is transferred to you. You may also request money by sharing your QR code. Goto Home Screen->Profile->Choose account to get QR code, according to the NPCI website.

Send money to non-BHIM user

The BHIM app also enables payments to those who are not on the BHIM network. Payment can be made via IFSC (Indian Financial System Code), account number or mobile number.

Multiple bank accounts?

The BHIM app supports linking of one bank account at a time. At the time of account set-up, you can link your preferred bank account as the default account. Users can link link another bank account using the ‘Bank Account/Choose Change Account’ option.

Payment address

This is the address which uniquely identifies a person’s bank account on the BHIM app. The payment address is in the format xyz@upi.

UPI is an instant payment system developed by the NPCI or National Payments Corporation of India, a Reserve Bank of India-regulated entity which acts as an umbrella body for all retail payment systems in the country.