Bengaluru: The first Aadhaar based ATM is Launched by DCB bank

Bengaluru: This innovation of ATM is the first time in Indian bank’s history, that an Aadhaar based ATM is developed. This can be termed as the first Aadhaar based ATM in south India. And with the availability of news pictures, we can see Mr. Nandan Nilekani (former chairman of the unique Identification Authority of India) inaugurating the occasion of Bengaluru’s first Aadhaar based ATM on 13 of June 2016 in Bengaluru.

This bank, being a private bank has marked its excellence as a new generation bank coming with 201 branches around 18 states and 2 union territories. The bank provides a wide range of facilities for all sort of business and has a different type of offers for NRI’s and other individuals. The bank has launched this concept on Monday.

The concept of Aadhaar here means that one can make transactions or withdrawals by the Aadhaar number or the fingerprints on the ATM. This DCB bank is aiming to update its all 400 ATM‘s across the country under the next six months. This update means all the ATM will now be functioning Aadhaar based withdrawals.

Done with the inauguration ceremony, the chairman speaks few points, he first says, that this project was his dream project and because of UPA governments he is able to meet this progress. Then he talks about the finger print authentication provided by the ATM, we can see mobile manufacturing companies such as Samsung has also made use of this iris recognition software in its recent tablet produced.

And with this Mr Nandan says, in future time, we will be finding all the mobile devices with this iris feature. Then he stresses on the usage of Aadhaar cards. He cites few examples related to Aadhaar card usage, where he says the government is now using Aadhaar card for its employee’s attendance or any poverty background individual can buy rice from anywhere showing up the Aadhaar card, and so he has also emphasised on the concept of Aadhaar based ATM. Along with this, he concludes, that the bank is now ready to use the iris identification system to make any transaction.

But wait, this facility can be accessed only and only by DCB bank customers. Thus, this Aadhaar based ATM is a Card-less and Pin-less ATM. Stay tuned for more news and updates and Press CTRL+D right now to bookmark this page: FitNHit

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