Bank fails to link Aadhaar number with accounts

Nakodar Hindu Urban Co-operative Bank Limited, one of the oldest banks in the town, has not been providing the service of direct transfer of LPG subsidies as it has yet not linked the Aadhaar card (Unique Identification Number) to the bank accounts.

Thousands of customers have been regretting the apathy of the bank management as they are unable to avail the service that was launched long back.It’s mandatory to link the Aadhaar cards with bank accounts to avail the benefits of LPG subsidies.

Speaking to Jalandhar Tribune, Gaurav Jain, one of those affected, said, “All the banks have linked the Aadhaar number with their respective accounts. Yet we have been buying LPG without any subsidy due to the lethargic approach of the bank officials to do the same.”

“I have taken up the matter with the Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar, regarding the same. It is utterly disappointing that the bank has failed link the Aadhaar Cards with bank accounts”, he added.

“I will also file a fresh application to the Reserve Bank of India as despite of being operational for the past more that hundred years, the bank is not covered under Right To Information Act. Due to lack of the same, the account holders are unable to get information regarding the functioning of the bank”, he said.

When contacted, Chief Executive Officer, Prem Nath, said, “We have already applied for the linking the Aadhaar Card to the bank accounts. We are in process with software vendor on the same.

It may take another month or so before we start linking the Aadhaar Cards with account numbers.” He said that co-operative institutes are not covered under the RTI, therefore we are not liable for the same.