Aadhaar or voter ID mandatory while applying for RTE seats


BENGALURU: The education department has made it mandatory that either Aadhaar or voter ID card be produced while applying for a seat under the Right To Education (RTE) quota.

It’s also mandatory to submit the names of both parents in the application form for RTE seats.

Primary and secondary education minister Kimmane Ratnakar told mediapersons on Thursday: “Last year, we received around 1.5 lakh bogus applications for RTE seats.

There are instances of three applications, one under the name of the father, one application with only the mother’s name and one only in the child’s name being submitted from the same family .

This has resulted in several eligible students missing out on a seat under the RTE quota. We want to weed out bogus applications.”

Ratnakar said till date the requirements while applying for a seat were basic information, including address proof and the child’s details. Now, parents have to provide their Aadhaar or voter ID, and produce proof of the date of birth.

The government has de cided to implement the RTE quota for kindergarden classes too. Under the RTE Act, there is a provision for states to implement the quota even for those below five years in institutions where there is LKG and UKG, Ratnakar said.