Aadhaar ‘must’ in petitions by runaway couples: HC

When Yo! Yo! Honey Singh doled out a list of essentials for his eloping girlfriend in his hit “Desi Kalakaar”, he mentioned an ID, passport, credit card and almost everything else, but the Aadhaar card.

At that time, he had no way of knowing the Punjab and Haryana High Court would ask for the Aadhaar number from married couples and others seeking protection of life and personal liberty.The Supreme Court, just around this time last year, had made it clear that the authorities cannot insist on a citizen to produce his Aadhaar card.

But a notice issued by the High Court Registrar-Judicial says the Aadhaar number is “required” to be furnished.Registrar-General GS Gill, when contacted, said he would have a look at the notice, but had nothing to say as it was issued by the Registrar-Judicial. A senior functionary said the condition of furnishing the Aadhaar number was laid down to ascertain the identity of the married couple and others seeking High Court’s indulgence for their protection.

He said a case of fake identify had surfaced in the High Court on the judicial side, after which the matter was referred to a committee, which recommended submission of clear photographs and Aadhaar numbers.He claimed the issue was raked up before the High Court on the administrative side by a lawyer and instructions had been issued to the “branch” concerned to accept petitions along with an affidavit on non-availability of the Aadhaar number.

He agreed that necessary amendments in the notice on the High Court website had not been carried.The move, however, has not gone down well with a section of advocates. Describing the condition as “tough”, they say couples on the run with people hunting for them cannot be expected to carry Aadhaar cards or even get affidavits prepared.

The notice titled “Advocates are requested to submit visible photographs revealing true identity of petitioners” mentions that Aadhaar number of the petitioners is also required to be furnished.