Aadhaar gives different pin codes to woman, husband

Bengaluru: You might have been amused hearing about various kinds of goof-ups in Aadhaar cards, but this case will make you and your family get up and check the cards. For, the Aadhaar cards of Vasanthnagar residents Arundhati (name changed) and her husband have different pin codes.

Arundhati’s card mentions 560001 as the pin code of her locality, but those of her daughter and husband put the postal code at 560002. This while the actual pin code of Vasanthnagar is 560052.

Arundhati told TOI: “We were told that the Aadhaar has gone in for a GIS-based pin code and that’s how the numbers have changed in the cards. Isn’t it funny that three persons in the same house have two different pin codes?”

This has irked the postal department too. A senior official from the postal department said, “Pin codes have been devised to help the postman in segregating mails based on the post office that delivers these mails. Pin code is the sole property of India Post. How can UIDAI authorities give their own pin codes?”

Another India Post official said, “The pin code for Vasanthnagar is 560052. Since the delivery post office there faced certain land issues, we closed it down two years ago. Currently, the Vasanthnagar mails are being delivered by the General Post Office. But that does not mean any change in the pin code.”

When contacted, UIDAI authorities denied any GIS mapping of pin codes by them. “We have only followed the India Post website for pin codes during enrolment. With regard to Vasanthnagar, the pin code given on the India Post website is 560001 as the post office working in that area was shifted recently. We only go by the details mentioned in the address proof document provided by the applicant. If the applicant produced a faulty address proof, then that’s not our fault in case the delivery fails,” said Ashok Lenin, deputy director, Unique Identification Authority of India.

However, UIDAI officials had no answer when asked how cards of some in the same family mentions 560002 as the pin code.

Pin codes have, for long, caused confusions among people as some areas located next to each other do not have the same pin code or even consecutive numbers. For instance, the pin code for the locality of Rohini Chandrakanth, another Vasantnagar resident staying near Kumara Park West, is 560020, while her neighbours in Kumara Park East have the pin code 560001. The pin code 560001 pertains to the locality including Vidhana Soudha and MG Road.

“Pin codes help in coordinating delivery post offices and in easy delivery of mails. In some cases, if the postal pin code is changed for an area, we do impress the change notification on all the mails delivered to the area. Paper notification is also issued in such cases,” said a postal official.

Online shopping affected

When Arundhati makes purchases online, she mentions 560002 or 01 as her pin code, since it is in their Aadhaar card. The result: a delay in delivery. “All online warehouses follow the India Post pin code for making deliveries. Every time I place an order for something online, there are glitches in delivery due to the confusion in pin code,” she said.