Aadhaar a must to sell or buy property

Visakhapatnam: K Srinivas, a software engineering who works in the USA, was taken by surprise when he came to the registrar’s office at Uratla to get deeds for selling his property in Visakhapatnam district. He was asked for his Aadhaar card details for registration of sale deeds.

Registrations of sale deeds are being withheld at AP registrar’s office without Aadhaar cards despite the Supreme Court ruling not to link it with essential services.

 “I’m an NRI. I have a passport, a green card and have settled in the USA a long time ago Now, they need my Aadhaar card just because I have to sell property even though I have proper documented proof,” said Srinivas.

One of the clerks at the sub-registrar’s office in Uratla said, “Aadhaar is essential if you have to sell or buy property. These are the instructions we received from the state government. How can we go against them?”
Another buyer of property present at the registrar’s office said, “I have also noticed that their bio-metric system does not function properly. In many cases, the fingerprints change and when they do not match, the public are being subjected to a humiliating experience of marking each and every finger to match the prints. Such a system will never work.”
One person who had to impress all ten fingers to please the bio-metric system observed, “In my case, none of my prints matched and the staff at the registrar’s office forced me to imprint all my fingers to ensure that at least one of them makes a match.”