Only 641 customers complained of fraudulent activity to banks: NPCI

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has said that only 641 bank customers have complained about fraudulent activity to banks. The figure of 3.2 million cards is a proactively identified base of customers who have transacted in the set of suspected ATMs in the recent past. However, this does not mean that all these cards have been used for any fraudulent activity.

The banks have proactively intimated the aforesaid 3.2 million cardholders as a matter of precaution to either change the pin or replace the cards, so that they are not misused in the future.

The NPCI has advised that if customer has not received any communication from his/her bank, he/she can be sure that the debit card is not at risk. The card users should exercise caution like register their mobile number and email ID with the respective bank. The concerned customer will get instant notification of debit / credit to their account.

Similarly, customers should not share their card ‘PIN’ or mobile ‘PIN’ or internet banking password with anyone. They also cautioned of fraudsters who claim to be staff from the bank, since no bank asks for PIN or Password. As a precaution, bank customers should memorise their debit card pin and should not write debit card PIN at the back of the card or anywhere.

Customers should cover the ATM key pad with palm while entering Pin and not allow anyone else to enter the debit card Pin. A bank account holder should never give their card details or bank details to anyone over the phone and check the bank account statements regularly.

The ATM Pin and online passwords should be changed at regular intervals and one should not forget to collect card after the transaction is complete. If the ATM card is lost or stolen, or there is suspicion of being used fraudulently, concerned customer should report it immediately to the respective bank, NPCI stated.