With 47% Aadhaar seeding in district, confusion prevails

PUNE: Duplication of Aadhaar mapping with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has been raised by citizens hesitating to link their Aadhaar numbers to their bank accounts.

Customers with multiple accounts are confused whether to submit their Aadhaar details to link other accounts as well.

Pune district has only 47% linkage. According to bank officials, some bank accounts are already linked and mapped to get LPG subsidies. However, people are apprehensive of linking multiple bank accounts with their Aadhar number for other benefits as they feel they might lose out on the LPG subsidy by doing so.

A senior bank official told TOI, it is confusion and lack of awareness that is impeding the linkage. “There is a communication gap. If a person with multiple accounts has to avail more than one government subsidy, there is bound to be confusion. This needs to be clarified by the government,”stated a bank official.

Another bank employee stated, a person has to specify to the bank that they want to link a particular account for subsidy and the others will only be to make e-payments. “If citizens give correct instruction to the bank, there should not be a confusion on the linkage,” stated the employee.

However, citizens are confused about the linkage. Dipankar Chatterjee, who has three bank accounts, has linked his Aadhaar number with the bank accounts and he gets subsidy on one account. Now he is not sure whether, after mapping, he will get subsidy for his gas cylinder.

The bank associations had raised this issue with the NPCI authorites and the state government. It demanded more publicity and clarity on the linkage. “Whether all the subsidy linkage should happen with just one account, or it could be done with different accounts needs to be cleared,” stated an association member.

With over 1,000 banks in the district, bank officials are will soon start Aadhaar number linking camps to speed up the process. With the government keen on e-payments, the employees want the Aadhaar number to be used for Aadhaar Pay.