Only 15% Aadhaar-linked accounts in urban areas

The government and the district administration started with the process of linking pensioners’ accounts in the district with mobile and Aadhar numbers for the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) of pension amounts to pensioners’ accounts, but only a fraction of accounts have been linked so far especially in urban areas.

According to the information, only around 15 per cent accounts of pensioners in urban areas have been linked with Aadhar card numbers.

The figures for rural areas, however, are much better as around 80 per cent of the accounts have been Aadhar-linked.District Social Security Officer (DSSO) Inderpreet Kaur said: “People in urban areas often change their address without informing the social security office and it gets difficult to track them, whereas in rural areas, such mobility is much lesser and panchayats are aware about the whereabouts of villagers.”

Under government schemes, pensions are given to old people, destitute children, handicapped persons and widows.

There are more than 98,000 old-age pensioners in the district, of which around 34,500 pensioners are in urban areas. There are more than 34,500 widow pensioners in the district of which around 17,000 accounts are in urban areas. More than 9,600 beneficiaries are given pension for destitute children and more than 3,900 such children are given the amount in urban areas.

There are more than 11,000 handicapped pensioners, of which around 4,000 are in urban areas.DSSO said pensioners in urban areas must inform the DSSO office in Shimlapuri about their contact details and Aadhar numbers so that the pension amounts can be linked with Aadhar numbers and the amount transferred directly to their Aadhar-linked bank accounts.